Washington State Real Estate Law

Washington State Real Estate Law
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Gerhard Ade Gerhard Ade recommends that his clients get informed regarding Washington State real estate law. He helps his clients to buy and sell residential real estate, including single-family homes, condos and townhomes. Call 425-891-8213 or Email.

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What Every Buyer and Seller Should Know.

You've arrived here because you are looking for answers regarding Washington State real estate law. Start by reading the relevant brochures below.

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In many cases, an experienced real estate attorney, such as Lana Floyd will be the best source for answers and resolutions. Click on her name or picture for contact information.

In any case, you should make sure you:

  1. understand the Washington real estate law: disclose known material property defects
  2. know your rights and your responsibilities.
  3. understand the duties of the real estate agents - the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent

Real Estate Law in Washington

Educated Sellers and Buyers are my Best Customers.

If you want to become informed or have specific questions about the Real Estate Laws in Washington State I recommend you read the three brochures being offered on this page. They were prepared by the Washington Center for Real Estate Research at Washington State University. All three are available in six languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. Although they come from a respected source I can not guarantee their accuracy.

Washington State Home Seller Disclosure Statement

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Since January 1995, sellers of residential real estate in Washington State have been required to provide the purchasers with a form which details any known defects with the property, unless the purchaser has expressly waived the right to receive the disclosure statement.

The form itself, called a “Seller Disclosure Statement,” is five pages long. For each disclosure item the seller is expected to respond yes, no, or don’t know.

Consumer Guide to Real Estate Practices in Washington State

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This brochure is presented in question and answer format to make it easy to use and to help you identify those portions of the material which matter to you. It is not intended as legal advice, rather, it should provide a glimpse into the property transaction and procedures as you endeavor to purchase the home of your dreams or sell your current home for a fair price.

The Law of Real Estate Agency in Washington State

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This pamphlet describes your legal rights in dealing with a broker or salesperson. Please read it carefully before signing any documents. All brokers and agents are obliged to provide their clients a copy of this pamphlet at the earliest opportunity.

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